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Menons Classic Wines is a family owned boutique wine maker which produces selective single vineyard wines from its own vineyard in Nilma, western Gippsland and few other selective single vineyards in northern Victorian vine regions. Only small quantities of Vines are produced each year. After personal use by family, any surplus wines are offered for sale to friends and associates.

Wines are made in fully equipped and modern wineries under strict quality assurance and diligence. Wines have been matured on oak barrels for at least 18 months, resulting in first grade wines that are comparable to many superior quality wines in Australia.

Our Vintage Wines

With a passion to create best wines from Gippsland and other parts of Victoria, our goal is to bring you wines,
that exhibits the remarkable consistency, nose and palate. We specialize in single vineyard wine.

  • Private Label (White) – Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay

    Impress your friends, loved ones, or customers with premium wines that carries your own labels. Costs of labels start from around $1 per label in addition to the cost of the wines. We select wines from a small group of select vineyards, mostly single vineyards. we only deal with wines that are generally considered to be of higher quality.

    Please contact us for more information.

    A typical wine selection process:

    1. You select the type of wine (white, red and varietal) and quantity.
    2. We search our own and our associates stock and in coordination with you, prepare a shortlist of wines (2 or 3) most suited to your requirements.
    3. You pay a $100 non refundable deposit.
    4. we arrange tasting of the selected wines.
    5. You select the specific wine that suits your needs.
    6. We present to you, a set of label designs from our standard stock of wine labels and you select your preferred design.
    7. You place the order and pay 50% of the total order.
    8. We inform you your order number, when your order is due for delivery and request final payment less any deposit you paid.
    9. You pay the final amount.
    10. We deliver your order within 5 working days after receipt of final payment.
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  • Sale!

    2017 Cabernet Sauvignon

    $22.00 $15.00


    2017 – Favourable growing conditions. Harvested in dry cool conditions and handpicked. It was aged for nearly 20 months in oak barrels. Bottled in 2018 October.


    Dark deep red


    Complex fruity flavours of plum and berries. A touch of spice


    Dry with good body and fullness giving an exceptional Cabernet palate.

    Order quantity:

    cases of 6 or 12 bottles

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  • 2017 Cabernet Merlot



    2017 – Harvested by hand on a cool day in favourable weather conditions. It was aged for nearly 20 months in oak barrels. Bottled in 2018 October.


    Deep red


    Fruity with strong plum flavours  sprinkled with touch of pepper / clove


    Dry, soft and highly enjoyable to drink with meals and on its own.

    Order quantity:

    6 or 12 bottle cases

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The Process of Wine Making

It’s a five stage natural process that requires little human intervention.

Red wine customized label

We at Menons Classic Wines transform the ripe grapes into beautiful wines without compromising its quality and elegance which is a must for all occasions.

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