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It has taken some time for us to mature into a boutique wine maker. It started as a hobby in 2008, experimenting various wine making techniques at home. Once we got the hang of wine making, we planted our first merlot grapevines in 2012 in a small vineyard in Nilma, near Warragul in Gippsland. We bottled our first wines in 2016 and the quality of wine surprised us all. However, we now produce a bit more than we need for our home consumption; hence the surplus wine is made available to our friends (and their friends).

We use exceptionally skilled wine makers who pride in quality wine making. We also collaborate with a handful of likeminded single vineyard owners.

We will remain a boutique wine maker who produces limited quantity each year. Our emphasis is on superior quality from single vineyard.

Premium Quality

“Our grapes are of the highest quality, handpicked and nurtured into superior quality wines by expert wine makers”.

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Personalize Your Wine

“Design your own label with our most delicious wines”.

We at Menons Classic Wines transform the ripe grapes into beautiful wines without compromising its quality and elegance which is a must for all occasions.

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